Elison, Martin

Martin J. Elison

MISSOULA — Martin John Elison, age 62, died Wednesday, March 20, 2019 in a tragic accident due to complications of his diabetes. Martin grew up in and was a long-time resident of Missoula where he earned both his bachelors and law degrees from the University of Montana. As an attorney he practiced primarily criminal defense and bankruptcy law, always doing his utmost to serve the downtrodden and less fortunate members of society.

Beyond his legal career, Martin spent many of his early years as a groom and horse trainer alongside his father and grandfather in the thoroughbred horse racing industry. He loved history and excelled at games that incorporated historical elements into fun competitive endeavors. Always up for a good philosophical discussion or argument, his fun-loving, mischievous and irreverent approach to life drew others to him and made him the family’s favorite uncle. He had a quick and incisive wit that was spontaneously displayed in the form of creative nicknames or limericks describing the people in his life. In honor of his teasing rhyme, his daughter, Lily, made up a limerick of her own about Martin:

My father’s name was Marty
He relished his role as the life of the party
Sharing jokes and good cheer in his courtroom dress
He was a giver of love and a player of chess
His soul was revealed in his laugh full and hearty

Marty is survived by a large and loving family. Please do not send flowers or gifts. If desired, contributions in Martin’s name should be made to the Larry M Elison scholarship fund at the University of Montana Law school or to the gofundme campaign for Brian Leischner, the truck driver injured in the accident. A celebration will be held in Marty’s honor on July 20, 2019.